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I’m Gonzalo Ayala A Graphics / Motion Designer I’m Gonzalo Ayala A Graphics / Motion Designer



I’m Gonzalo Ayala A Graphics / Motion Designer Multi-disciplinary designer based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Currently designing experiences at Grow Design is a set of tools you use to solve communicative challenges. For example, it can help you grab a user’s attention, understand a product, or easily communicate what you’re offering. Aesthetics, function and reflection play an essential role in creating a successful outcome, whatever it may be. When used right, digital, brand and motion are tools that work as synergies, giving you a balanced result.


As a visual communicator, my goal is to effectively convey messages, ideas, or information using visual elements such as images, graphics, and design principles. My aim is to engage your audience, evoke emotions, and facilitate understanding through visual storytelling. Whether it's through graphic design, illustration, or multimedia. My objective is to create compelling visuals that resonate with target audience and communicate your intended message clearly and effectively. My ultimate goal is to inspire, inform, entertain, or persuade through the power of visuals.

what I do

Motion Design

Conceptualize and create compelling animations and motion graphics. This involves brainstorming and devising visual concepts that align with a project’s goals, whether it’s for film, television, online media, or advertising.

Video Editing

As a Video editor I play a crucial role in the production of visual media, such as films, television shows, and online content. Their responsibilities can be quite diverse, depending on the specific project and the size of the production team.

Graphic Design

I play a variety of roles depending on their specific job or project. Here are some key roles often associated with graphic design: Visual Identity Design: This involves creating branding elements like logos, typography, color palettes, and image libraries that represent a company or product.


As a UX/UI plays a crucial role in the development of digital products like websites, mobile apps, and software applications.